Sim racing is NOT a replacement for real world driving experiences or actual track time, however it can be one of the most valuable tools at a drivers disposal. The real world cost money and lots of it. Consumables such as tires, brakes, fuel and lubricants. Then there is travel expenses, entry fees, safety gear along with the rapid degradation of equipment. For the autocross world, those expenses still exist, granted at a much lesser rate than a track car. A full weekend of autocross may net you a total of 6-10 minutes of driving time, this is why simulators can be very important.

     Here is where simulators come into play in a big way. What do you need? A PC, steering wheel and pedal set, a rig to mount a seat and wheel, some software and a device to view everything on (V.R headset is almost necessary). Aside from maybe a monthly/yearly subscription to a service such as iRacing and some energy use costs, all one needs is free time.

     How much better of a driver could you be if you had an unlimited number of laps or could practice slaloms or other elements as much as you want? This is precisely why some of the worlds best drivers such as Max Verstappen or Lando Norris can be found on platforms such as iRacing…and YOU have an opportunity to race with them!

     Will Sim racing make your a better driver? Absolutely 100% yes. It should be said that quality time in car or sim is only a part of becoming a much better driver. Reading and learning the craft from books and other resources is just as important along with studying the craft and yourself.

Somewhere, Someone is practicing. And when you meet him in head to head competition , he will beat you! -Anonymous

AutoCross Course --- Arduous

AutoCross Course ---Fickle